Powertrain or Bumper-to-Bumper: Which Warranty Is Best for You?

Whether you're in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, you'll probably see either a powertrain or bumper-to-bumper warranty being offered for it. To determine which warranty will better suit your needs, here's what each offers.

A powertrain warranty covers anything relating to the vehicle's propulsion system, including the engine and the transmission. 

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Rear-Wheel or Front-Wheel Drive: Which Is Best for You?

Confused about whether you should buy a car with rear wheel drive or front-wheel drive? We here at Major Motor Cars want to make sure that your new car is best suited for you, so here are some ideas to help you decide.

With solid axles, rear-wheel drive vehicles can take a lot of punishment without needing costly repairs, but can be too heavy for driving in inclement weather. 

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Using a Clay Bar to Keep the Body of Your Vehicle Smooth

Have you ever noticed those tiny orange specks of rust on a white or silver vehicle? If you have, then you know how unappealing they are. Those tiny rust spots appear when your vehicle has been exposed to metal particles such as brake and rail dust. The metal becomes embedded into the clear coat of a vehicle, and then it rusts.

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Why Buy a Crossover?

If you are looking to buy a new vehicle in the next few months and have the opportunity to take your time to find something you will really love, then stop down to Major Motor Cars today to look at some of the crossover vehicles that we have on site.

You have probably seen a lot of crossovers on the road lately, and there is good reason for this. 

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Appreciating TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors)

Since 2007, all vehicles manufactured have been required by law to include TPMS and a clear indicator light on the dash. While these various dash indicators have sometimes been running gags, TPMS is nothing to sneeze at – if it lights up, pay attention. Did you know that the biggest cause of accidents not involving negligent driving in Santa Monica are tire blow outs?

Tires lose about 1psi of pressure each month, so while TPMS is handy, there’s just no substitute for checking your pressure at least twice a month. 

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Learning How to Safely Jump Start Another Car

Safely jump-starting one car with another is simple if you understand how to connect the jumper cables.

  • Start by getting the two vehicles as close to each other so the cables can reach both batteries.
  • Be sure the car engine is off and both cars are in park before opening the hood.
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It’s Easy to Look Good in the Spectacular Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a roomy and spacious SUV. That is one of the reasons why it has become so popular. The Explorer gives you the comfort and practicality that can be expected from a Ford. The redesigned 7-passenger SUV is a great way to have it all!

The exterior design is an eye-catching appearance that will get you a lot of attention. 

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The Ford Escape’s Capability Features

The Ford Escape comes complete with an array of important capability features. These include its towing capacity. The Ford Escape Titanium has a towing capacity of up to 3,500pounds.

The Ford Escape capability features also include torque vectoring and curve control. These two features provide a consistently safer driving experience.

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