Challenged Credit Auto Loans

Here at Major Motor Cars we try and ensure that we both win. If we cannot set you up with some of the more customary lending sources (lending arms of manufacturers, local banks, and credit unions) subprime loans can help secure the necessary funds or financing. So don't worry if you have challenged credit, call us the bad credit auto loan masters! We have helped people with repo's (repossessions), low down payment, low income, bad credit, and low credit.

So don't worry, we have you covered. We try and make the process easy and hassle free. All we need is proof of income, proof of residence, and a phone number to reach you at in order to get started. We also want your loan to succeed, so we try and get you into the most sensible car for every buyers situation. We want you to be in a manageable situation so when your credit gets better after a few payments, you can come back and get into the car that you want, if you can't already.

What a lot of people think is, "I can't get a car from a reputable lot", so they go to other smaller car lots trying to get a loan. Big mistake, with our reputation and years of service we will help you out with our 20 years experience and unbeatable prices you cannot lose!