Try These Tips to Reduce Glare

At Major Motor Cars, one of our goals is to help keep you safe on the road. When you are driving just after the sun comes up and prior to sunset, the glare caused by the position of the sun can compromise your view and make it dangerous. Follow these tips to help prevent glare when you are driving.

Try to wear polarized sunglasses to help reduce glare, and you can use your visor to block out the sun's rays. It is also helpful to leave more following room during these times so that you can clearly see what the vehicle ahead of you is doing. Driving with your headlights can also help increase your visibility to other drivers.

Additional tips include keeping your windshield clean and checking for cracks and pits. You should also keep your windshield free of clutter, such as papers or other items that can hinder your view. When you still have difficulty seeing, you can use the lane markers to guide you.



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