Find Out if You Pre-Qualify for an Auto Loan in Santa Monica, CA.

There are hundreds of quality used cars for sale at Major Motor Cars, so which model should you pick? The best way to decide on a model is to plan your budget in advance. One way to find out what you can afford is to see if you pre-qualify for an auto loan, and we can help you do just that at our dealership in Santa Monica, California. Simply submit a form online, and our financial advisors can consult with local lenders to find out how much you can receive.

A Brief Overview of the Pre-Qualification Process

Here at Major Motor Cars, we make it easy for car buyers around West Hollywood to apply for pre-qualification. In fact, you can do so without ever leaving your home! You can provide us information about your income, assets, and debts through our secured site. Your submission gives our staff a basic picture of your finances, and once they determine how much you are eligible for, they will reach out to you to discuss the next step.

Get Pre-Qualified to Simplify Your Search

Our customers from Beverly Hills and surrounding areas who get pre-qualified for a car loan will find it easier to shop for a vehicle because they will know how much money they will potentially have on hand. This establishes a basis for your search, narrowing down your options to the right price margins for you! During this time, we also recommend taking other expenses such as insurance and gas into account so that you do not exceed your means.

Other Pre-Qualification Benefits

Shoppers from Woodland Hills who apply for pre-qualification can expect to save more time at the dealership as well. This is because you will already be one step ahead in the financial process! Not to mention, you can rest easy because the preliminary background check will not affect your credit score. Best of all, this service is completely free of charge, which means you can save money!

Apply for Pre-Qualification Today!

Ready to find out if you pre-qualify for a car loan in Santa Monica? Then we urge you to complete the form embedded on this page and send it right away! Our advisors will assess the information and reach out to you as soon as they are done. Once you correspond with our experts and find out your standing for pre-qualification, you can move on to the pre-approval process which includes an extensive review of your credit history. An approval from our lenders will put you one step closer to taking a model home with you.

For Financial Guidance, Contact Our Experts at Major Motor Cars

Automotive financing entails a lot of information which can be complicated to tackle on your own, but worry not because you have our support. If you need a hand with your pre-qualification application or anything else pertaining to finances, you can get in touch with the advisors at our finance center today. We will make sure that your upcoming dealership experience is hassle-free.