Appreciating TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors)

Since 2007, all vehicles manufactured have been required by law to include TPMS and a clear indicator light on the dash. While these various dash indicators have sometimes been running gags, TPMS is nothing to sneeze at – if it lights up, pay attention. Did you know that the biggest cause of accidents not involving negligent driving in Santa Monica are tire blow outs?

Tires lose about 1psi of pressure each month, so while TPMS is handy, there’s just no substitute for checking your pressure at least twice a month. Still, even with such cautions, it may still light up. Why?

Weather has a huge effect on tire pressure, believe it or not. The colder it gets, the less pressure a volume of air can provide. Conversely, the warmer it is, the more pressure it provides. This difference is about 1.5psi per 10 degrees. If they’re overinflated, let some air out. If it’s just cold, once the tires warm up, the light should turn off.

Don’t underestimate how devious tire damage can be – some damage may only accelerate the gradual loss of air. Do regular visual inspections to spot damage like this.

For your safety and that of other drivers, pay us a visit at Major Motor Cars to learn more about your TPMS system today.

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