It’s Easy to Look Good in the Spectacular Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a roomy and spacious SUV. That is one of the reasons why it has become so popular. The Explorer gives you the comfort and practicality that can be expected from a Ford. The redesigned 7-passenger SUV is a great way to have it all!

The exterior design is an eye-catching appearance that will get you a lot of attention. The Explorer’s distinctive new grille sets it completely apart from all other SUV’s. It is a dynamic and bold look. Once you get inside, you realize the design gets even better. The interior is refined and distinguished. The Nirvana leather seats are crafted in a way that makes you feel like they were made especially for you. The detail is simply exceptional.

It would be our pleasure to give you a complete presentation of our used vehicles. You're welcome to take a test drive too! Stop by Major Motor Cars in Santa Monica soon!

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