Using a Clay Bar to Keep the Body of Your Vehicle Smooth

Have you ever noticed those tiny orange specks of rust on a white or silver vehicle? If you have, then you know how unappealing they are. Those tiny rust spots appear when your vehicle has been exposed to metal particles such as brake and rail dust. The metal becomes embedded into the clear coat of a vehicle, and then it rusts.

To keep your vehicle shiny and free of rust, you can use a clay bar, which will pull out the pieces of metal before they rust. In fact, this is a worthwhile process for all vehicles, regardless of how old it is or what color the paint finish. When you use a clay bar, you keep the surface smooth so that was can adhere to the surface of the body more easily.

If you're interested in learning more about the process of using a clay bar, or if you have any other automotive maintenance questions, come to Major Motor Cars in Santa Monica, CA.

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