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  • Sagar Nayak
    Administrative Assistant

  • Vanda Palasthy
    Office Manager

  • "Mo" Yousef
    (888) 841- 4094

    Mahmood "Mo" Yousef has owned Major Motor Cars since 1995.  Obtaining his Masters degree in Motions Pictures and Theater Production at University of Loyola Maramount.  Mo always had a passion for vehicles.  While in Los Angeles completing his education he fell in love with cars and decided to become a dealer.  Thirty years later, Mo has turned his passion in cars in to a successful business.  As an artist and entrepreneur his love for people and cars have provided a great balance in his life as he has been able to help thousands of people make their dreams become reality.

  • Pouya "Peter" Yousef
    (888) 841- 4094

    Peter has been in the industry for over 13 years.  Major Motor Car's has lived on Peter's undying passion for success.  As a young boy he was able to learn and appreciate the value in providing excellent customer care. 

    As a graduate of University of California Riverside, Peter has learned the importance of maintaining the balance of customer satisfaction while still creating value for company.  Peter constantly looks for new ways to innovate the company. 

    Peter is currently in the process of completing his Masters Degree in Business Administration at the University of Southern California.

    "FIGHT ON"

  • Kal Rabbi
    General Manager
    (888) 841- 4094

  • Fred Homayoun
    Finance Manager
    (888) 841- 4094

  • Morris Ramos
    Sales Manager
    (888) 841- 4094

  • Rene Rodriguez
    Facilities Manager
    (888) 841- 4094

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